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Introducing GDFC in 2020!

Happy 2020 Goals! New year...NEWsletter. We are changing a few things here at GDFC for 2020. At December's AGM the club voted to make training members only and to leave Facebook in the last decade. Moving forward, all club management will happen on the TeamApp.

Because we will be ditching Facebook, we will be communicating with the club a bit differently. Rather than spamming everyone with constant notifications, we will be sending around a weekly newsletter. This will detail upcoming matches, socials and other info, as well as feature player of the day pics from the week before.

In place of members posting on the Facebook group, we will have a 'Community Corner' section which will feature any member request i.e. Fleur is looking for a new roommate...or Polly is selling a pair of size 5 football boots. If you have something you would like published in this section, please email by 12:00PM Sunday.

Look for the newsletter in your app notifications and email Monday mornings!


1. Join the TeamApp and search for Goal Diggers FC. Join our TeamApp group.

2. Go to the 'Store' tab and buy membership. You must buy membership through the app before January 31st or before we reach our cap at 200 members.

3. Fill out your player profile. Be sure to include your preferred position, as the coaches will use the profiles to help make match lineups.

League payments and posts will now all be done through the app. You will automatically be added to league groups when you pay. You will also receive notifications via the app and email when match posts go up in your groups.

For any further questions, email


SATURDAY, 11 JANUARY – 11-a-Side (Advanced + Beginners)

MONDAY, 13 JANUARY – Super 5s (Intermediate) TUESDAY, 14 JANUARY – Super 5s (Beginners)

TUESDAY, 14 JANUARY – 7-a-Side (Mixed Ability)

SUNDAY, 19 JANUARY – La Liga 5/7-a-Side (Advanced + Beginners)


If you have joined Team App, membership payment is due 31st January and to be paid via the App only. 

GDFC is committed to be accessible to all, if you have any challenges with payment please reach out to


Reminder! GDFC 40+ is this Saturday, 4 January. Tell your co-workers, mums, aunties or anyone else who wants to give football a try and is above GDFC's average age (25-35). They can sign up here, and this session is FREE!

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