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We currently need your donations more than ever. We want to be fully transparent with all our potential donors. In September 2020 we were victorious in our hunt for an 11-A-Side training home. We gained access to a prime time slot on Haggerston Pitch for two hours. Not only is this hugely important for us as a club on practical terms (the pitch is larger, more centrally located, better equipped and better surfaced than our previous pitch) but also the visibility of us on this pitch space is of paramount importance. We are the only non-male team playing on Haggerston Pitch in a weeknight slot. If pitches like this are used by men every night of the week, the effect is catastrophic. It means these spaces are seen as masculine and this simply re-enforces the harmful narrative that football is a man’s game. We are ready to change this narrative.


This pitch, however, is double the price of our old pitch and costs our non-profit, volunteer run club £12,000 a year. We have kept  membership fees as low as possible because we firmly believe that in order to make football as inclusive and accessible as possible membership prices should be kept low to ensure money doesn't become yet another barrier which prevents women and non-binary people from playing football. 


So please help us. Any donation small or large would be much appreciated. If you can not donate then please, PLEASE share this page far and wide.


Thank you for your support, 

Goal Diggers FC x

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