GDFC News 28 February


Hello goals, we can’t wait to see you again! We’re expecting we’ll be back training for the second half of this membership block (April-July). We haven’t had a confirmed date for the Haggerston Pitch to re-open but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

To be able to sign up to football you will need to be in the ‘Membership 2021 H1’ access group. You are automatically added to this group when you pay membership in the store. To check if you are in this access group, go to your homepage on the app, press the gear icon in the top right and see ‘access groups’.

Goals who selected ‘pay later’ in January:

You will be in the ‘pay later’ access group until you make a payment in the store. These membership fees have been reduced to reflect the shorter block. As soon as the payment is successful you will be moved into the ‘Membership 2021 H1’ access group. You will not have access to football until you make this payment.

If you have any problems / questions regarding this payment, or need an extension on the payment deadline, please get in touch with Gaia on team-app or at

Goals who already paid in January:

Lots of you paid membership in January. We appreciate that you will only be getting football for half the membership block.