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GDFC News 13 June


  • League Info

  • Fixtures

  • Training

  • New Exciting Committee Role: Club President

  • The Euros: It's Coming Home

  • Thursday FootbALL

  • We Would Love to See Your Photos

  • Community Corner



We’ve added a new box to the league table below, to indicate if the league is FA affiliated or not - the FA have very restrictive rules about trans women playing in leagues, so this is in order to make it clearer which leagues are fully trans inclusive and which are not.




After almost six happy years of work for GDFC, Founder Fleur has decided that at the end of this membership block (July) she is going to step down from the committee - but will remain in the club, of course. This is in order to create room for an elected version of her role - this will be a Club President role. The Club President Job Spec is attached. If you’re interested in this role, please email Club Sec Millie via:

You are also very welcome to email Fleur for advice or a chat about what the role entails via: or via the Team App chat function.

If we receive multiple applicants then the members will vote on their favourite applicant from their annoynmous applications - exciting times!

GDFC Club President
Download PDF • 59KB


This Euros season, watch the England games with your pals from GDFC!

Our regular base for matches will be... The Perseverance Pub (everyone’s favourite post-training sarnie-providing East London haven). Unfortunately, Trish has been very clear that we *cannot book* in advance, so that’s where we’ll go to try and scout some outdoor tables before games.

If the matches are on Sundays or Tuesdays, we’ll go to EV in Southwark on Sundays, and the Floirin on Holloway Road on Tuesdays. Give us a shout if you have any questions about the #gameplan, and we’ll keep you updated in the newsletter and on TeamApp if anything changes. Also if you’re a Wales or Scotland fan - or a fan of any other country - please let us know and we’ll try and figure out something for those matches as well. It’s coming home!


Thursday football is JOYOUS and you could take part in this JOY - as there are still 7 spots available. Go on! It’s a mixed ability friendly kickaround match available to all GDFC members - all you need to do is register via the event on the app.


The sun is shining

The sky is blue,

And we’ve got bucket hats,

Bucket hats for you…

Go on, head to the store section of our website & cross this off your bucket list!

You can look as stylish as Garcia “Gus” Franks.


If there are any photos you’d like to share in the newsletter or on GDFC socials - anything from team photos to player shout outs etc please submit them via the link at the bottom of this lovely newsletter and include the caption you’d like to accompany this image.


A reminder that this section of the newsletter exists because GDFC is more than a football club, it’s a community. If there are any personal notices you’d like to share with the club please email them to Ana via

Anything from looking for a housemate, to looking for someone to dog sit, to inviting the club to an event, to looking for a local pal for a kickaround, to suggesting a spot to watch some footie, to selling a sofa… the list goes on. One team, one dream!


If you have anything you would like to feature in next week's newsletter, email by 12:00 Sunday.

If you are interested in joining a mailing list to speak on behalf of GDFC to the press and other media outlets please fill out this form.

Have a photo you want shared on GDFC socials? Submit it here.

If any links aren't working in this newsletter, please open in your browser. Sometimes links do not work when reading on the TeamApp.

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