GDFC News 04 October


It’s been wonderful training at Haggerston this past month. We’re happy to report that on-the-day dropouts are down, especially in the Advanced group. Unfortunately, due to covid we have seen demand for places increase and have had to reduce the number of spots that are available. We have also had an increase in the number of members signing up for the ‘Advanced’ group at training, currently making up 70% of signups for training.

Based on conversations with members, we’ve come up with an adjustment to training groups that will maximise the number of goals that can train each week. We will trial this new system during October & there will be a whole club vote at the end of the month to decide if we stick with it.

We propose that on ‘Week A’ we will have 2 x 1hour sessions on one side of the pitch. This will allow an extra 29 goals to train, creating 58 extra spots per month. These shorter sessions will be high intensity & include drills & games as usual. Week B (with keeper training) will continue as normal.

Week A [7th/21st OCT]

Bubble 2 will operate as usual, Bubble 1 will have 2 x 1 hour sessions. For this week the first hour (7-8) it will be Academy & Intermediate players, for the second hour (8-9) it will be Advanced players. The sign ups will clearly state if they are for a 2 hour session or 1 hour session. If you have a spot for one session, you cannot be on the waitlist for any other session (we will remove you from any waitlists if you have a spot):