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GDFC News 8 June

Updated: Jun 17, 2020


As the nights are getting longer and the sun is getting stronger we are seeing a decline in the attendance numbers at our Wednesday QuaranTeam sessions. As a result we have decided to cancel these sessions for the foreseeable future but we would love to thank the wonderful Gaby Pimentel for all her hard work planning and delivering such amazing weekly Quaran-Tin workouts for us. AND a huge thanks to our social secs Beth and Isy who have been working hard to keep us social and smiling during times of isolation.


A big thanks to all the hosts of our Monday Night “Learning Goals” sessions - these have been fantastic!

Upcoming Learning Goals Calendar:

  • June 8th - Esther Jones Russell: AccessiBall - Disability Inclusion In A Footballing World

  • June 15th - Emily Cousens: Quarantine and Queer Theory

  • June 22nd - Liz Ward + Martha Crawford: What Next: How Do We Bounce Back Better After This Pandemic

  • June 29th - Hilary Aked + Flora Levi: Palestine 101

If you’d like to host a Monday night “Learning Goals” session please email Fleur:


It’s Pride month so we’d love our goals to get creative and paint, draw, sculpt or write ANYTHING to do with Queerness and Football. Visible queerness in football is so important - so let’s get visible.

From posters to paintings to poems - let’s go goals.

Deadline: June 22nd.

PS if you haven’t listened to ‘My Name Is Beth’ then we highly recommend a listen.

PPS if you need a bit of inspiration for your creative project then on June 15th Dr Emily Cousens is doing a “Learning Goals” session about Quarantine and Queer Theory.


Calling all social butterflies! Got a fun online event you’d like to run for GDFC? A game or a drawing competition or a choreographed victory dance for when we thrash the competition once seasons recommence? Send your ideas to Beth Miles via the Team App and we’ll get scheduling!


We welcomed Chloe Morgan to the coaching staff via Zoom a few weeks ago, and chatted to her about her development as a player, Spurs, and coaching goalkeepers. Check out the chat here!

Football fitness with Coach Amy is every Sunday at 11am, and email us at if you're interested in putting together a player profile :)


Big thanks to Lily Grant for getting us all drawing on Sunday afternoons. If you still want weekly drawing sessions, she is offering them on Tuesday and Thursday from 7PM-8PM. You can find out more here.

Sunday GDFC only drawing classes will happen once a month. Look out for the schedule on the TeamApp.


If you ordered a print copy of the GDFC Mag expect to receive your copy by mail this week!


If you have anything you would like to feature in next week's newsletter, email by 12:00 Sunday.

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