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GDFC News 6 February

It's a good news Monday. We're back training at Haggerston this week and the scarves have arrived.


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Have a question about leagues? Get in touch with the relevant league rep on TeamApp or with our head of football Paula!


This Wednesday we are back at our sweet Haggerston home.


This section is reserved for anyone in the club who has stuff they want to share (job posting, events, other cool opportunities -- whatever!) If you ever want to add anything to this section just email and put 'NEWSLETTER' in the subject line.


On Feb. 12, Sophie will be doing one of her favourite things: singing. Sophie is 32 years old, trans, an outspoken barrister-in-training, a football player, and a friend. Like many trans people, Sophie is negatively impacted by transphobic policies that create cruel barriers to entry to transitioning, like long waiting times and high procedure costs. That time waiting can be hard, painful, and debilitating. Sophie, like so many people in the UK, deserves better. We hope you’ll consider donating to her fundraiser so she doesn’t have to spend any more time waiting to live the life she deserves to live. You’re welcome to donate and come sing at Zodiac with her, but we also encourage you to donate if you can’t!

Tickets are available here

If you would like to donate to the fundraiser



Joyous Sundays ft. pre match shades, post match bloody Mary's and our wonderful players of the week: Experienced Player of the Week Scotty, Intermediate Player Of The Week Shay, and V Experienced Players Of The Week Mathilde and Kim!



If you have anything you would like to feature in next week's newsletter, or any photos for social media, email by 18:00 Sunday.

If any links aren't working in this newsletter, please open in your browser. Sometimes links do not work when reading on the TeamApp.

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