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GDFC News 30 May


  • League Info

  • Fixtures

  • Training

  • Thursday FootbALL

  • Picnic Social

  • New Exciting Committee Role: Club President

  • Founder Fleur's Resignation Letter to the Committee



The new Mabley Green leagues and Sunday 5s and 7s leagues are up on the store, so get purchasing! The first post for Sundays goes up on Thursday, and we need to assign teams for that, so if you intend to play in these leagues please buy as soon as possible, as the first game is in a week.




Calthorpe Community Pitch

Size: 5-A-Side

Surface: Flat AstroTurf (no moulds)

Time: 8.15-9.30pm

Location: 258-274 Grays Inn Rd, London WC1X 8LH


Hello Diggers! The weather may be horrible now but the people at the met office promise there are good times ahead.

We have organised two picnics on the 5th of June! One in North London and one in the East.

Attendance will be capped at 30 so please go and click attending!


After almost six years of work for GDFC, Founder Fleur has decided that at the end of this membership block (July) she is going to step down from the committee (see below resignation letter). This is in order to create room for an elected version of her role - this will be a Club President role and we will be posting more information about exactly what this entails very soon. For now, if you’re interested in the sound of this role, please email Club Sec Millie via:


Hello team,

I wanted to email all of you wonderful eggs to say I've decided it's time to officially step down from my role on the committee.

After almost six wonderful years it's time for someone else to lead GDFC to a goal-orious future and I think it’s important that this person is elected and not unelected like little ole me.

I also think, until I officially step away from the committee, GDFC will remain to be seen by many as “my club” - when really it should be seen as a club run by the members, for the members.

I will of course always be the founder, and I’m always happy to do any media requests etc but I am excited for a future where there isn’t just one “public face” of the club. I believe the more members who are happy to speak about our club and the world of football the better.

I also believe that by stepping back and removing my voting/ sign off power, it makes the “chain of command” a lot clearer and allows each committee role to gain more agency.

With all of you on the committee GDFC is in such amazingly safe hands and I could not be more excited to see you all steer GDFC to a future that is goald.

I’ve been digging deep to find out what an elected version of my role would look like and I think it would be a role as “Club President ''. Essentially someone who is happy to represent the club ethos and to manage & support both the coaches & the committee. This includes having regular check in meetings with both the coaching unit and each committee group to ensure everyone is being productive, meeting their targets, setting new targets and most importantly enjoying their role.

I’ll stand down officially before the start of the next block (July) but I am very keen to still host an annual end of the year committee celebration at my flat, with a gift for each of you bought by me, to thank you all for the thankless but invaluable work you all do to keep GDFC not only ticking along but improving as the years go by. Maybe one day I’ll also apply for a committee role but for now I’m excited to enjoy life as a member of Goal Diggers and watch the growth of the club I love SO so much.

Fleur “FC” Cousens



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