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GDFC News 30 March

To keep the GDFC community alive and kicking we have introduced a number of weekly GDFC zoom events to replace matches and training. Your new weekly GDFC Quaran-Team calendar is as follows:

  • Monday Night Talks and Classes

  • Wednesday Night Quaran-Team Sessions

  • Saturday Morning Yoga with Helena Alty

  • Sunday Afternoon Drawing Sessions with Lily Grant

*We are thrilled to say we have many exciting Monday night sessions coming up (see below) so make sure to tune in every week for a goal-oriously educational evening. Wow - aren’t we a talented bunch of goals eyy.

Upcoming Talks and Classes:

  • Hilary Aked: Mutual Aid Discussion - Tues 7th April (could not do Monday)

  • Emily Cousens: Capitalism + Corona - Mon 13th April

  • Liz Ward: Spoken Word Workshop

  • Katherine Yesilirmak: Dance Class

  • Beth Miles: Beer Tasting Seminar

  • Alice May Williams: Bike Mechanics 101

  • Emma Ventrilocrisp Magnus: Crisp Seminar

  • Ellen Roberston: Script Writing Workshop

  • Marsha Mijnhijmer: Baking Techniques Workshop

  • Garcia Franks: Sport and mental health/body image/ Self-compassion or Wellbeing during lockdown

  • Alex Rawn: Cooking in a world of empty supermarkets (Live cooking class)

If you are keen to host a Monday session please email


We may not be able to play football right now but we can still engage in the beautiful game.

We've extended our Quaran-Team challenge until next Sunday at 12PM!

If you missed it, the challenge is for everyone to get creative and paint, draw or sculpt ANYTHING to do with our "Pitch Please" hunt. From posters to collages to paintings to poems - let's go goals.

The winner will get a prize and we will document all the entries on our Instagram. For more info about the pitch hunt please read Founder Fleur's article.

Please send all entries to by 12PM on Sunday.


We will be choosing a football themed movie to watch weekly. This will be discussed at the end of every Wednesday night zoom.

This week's movie is the documentary Diego Maradona which can be watched on All4 here.

We will be discussing this Wednesday 8 April.


Bored at home? Give our GDFC crossword puzzle a try! Play online here.


There are a number of things you can be doing to keep your football up. Any fitness you can do inside (feel free to message the coaches and ask for suggestions, or join Gaby Pimental’s weekly workout) is absolutely worth doing. If you feel like it, you could use your daily state sanctioned hour of exercise to do some running with the ball, or turning.

We’d also suggest working your way through the following questions and activities to keep your brain actively engaged in football:

  • why is player ownership important during both training and competition?

  • how might you behave in both training and competition environments to support your player development?

  • how many of the players you play with play other sports as well as football? what are their general interests outside of sport?

  • write down significant others who, along with the coaches, contribute to player development within gdfc

What can you do to help build relationships with the people you have identified above?

  • what's your favourite position to play? why?

  • who's your favourite player to play with? why?

  • who's your favourite team to watch? why?

  • what was your best performance as a player for gdfc at training?

  • what was your best performance as a player for gdfc on a matchday?

  • what are your favourite kinds of training sessions?

As ever, message Ciara, Josh, Amy or Kitty if you have any questions!


Dr Hannah May here. I hope I gave you some useful information last week. I can’t really think of much to add this week (soz) so I thought I’d throw it open to you guys instead!

Got a burning corona question? Got a silly question about covid that you’ve been too afraid to ask? Really bored and just looking for a way to pass the time? Then I’ve got good news for you- ask me anything you like about this lil' virus and I will do my best to answer in next weeks newsletter. All the usual bits apply; this is me being helpful so don’t report me to the GMC and I can’t dish out personalised medical advice so don’t ask me about your rash yeah?

You can pitch your entirely anonymous question here.


Time: 7:30PM-9:00PM

Where: Zoom (link will be available on the Team App event)

To kick off our Monday night learning goals we will hear from the one and only Coach Josh.

Coach Josh will be presenting The Coach Josh Tactics Seminar: Why we play, How we play, How we WILL play.

This is for any members interested in getting to know a little more about planning and preparation from a coaching perspective. If you plan on attending, please prepare a question that you’d like to ask. This could be related to either the history or the future of GDFC, it could be about playing style or formations, or more generally about your development as a player. Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there!


Time: 8:00PM-9:00PM

Where: Zoom (link will be available on the Team App event)

We miss you all! Every Wednesday night until training start back up we are organising a group zoom video chat for all who are keen.

The evening will start with 15 minutes of group exercise led by our very own Gaby Pimental. Afterwards we will have an organised social event because we miss you all!


Time: 11:00AM-12:00PM

Where: Zoom (link will be available on the Team App event)

This will be a vinyasa flow yoga class - linking movement with breath through a range of powerful but calming poses. It’s suited for all levels of yoga. Just come with a mat or towel to practise on and any comfy easy-to-move in clothes.


Time: 3:00PM-5:00PM (you can leave the class at any point, but you need to be there from the beginning if possible)

Where: Zoom (link will be available on the Team App event)

Ability: From total beginner to professional

Materials: Drawing tool of choice (this can be anything from a pencil to a paintbrush, it just has to make a park on the paper), At least 10 sheets of paper

Description: For the first session, we will be drawing from a still life, you can draw Lily's still life from your screen, or you can create your own before the class. If possible, please have a lamp to light your objects. Below are some still life examples for your inspiration. Look forward to seeing some lovely goals on Sunday, if you have any questions about the class before then, drop Lily a message with your question or concern.


You have until THIS WEDNESDAY to vote for us in the British LGBT+ awards. Please get voting and sharing - not only would it be an absolute honour to win BUT there is also a cash prize. Wow!


We’re looking for more #DiggerDiaries contributors, whether in the original post format or you can do an insta-story takeover if you prefer. Message Jess Keating (or the Goal account on Instagram) to arrange your feature!


Dearest Goals, given the unforeseen circumstances, it's unlikely that we will be able to travel to Milan in June. That being said, we are continuing to monitor the situation while looking into alternatives such as a UK tournament, or postponing a few months. More details to come as we work with the hostel, and research other options over the next few weeks.

Stay safe and look after each other xxx


We are starting our very own GDFC-Mag! This will be a community-driven magazine written by GDFC's own players, aiming to provide a platform for the club's diverse voices, trailblazers and creative wizards.

If you have any ideas for the magazine or would be interested in contributing, please email Emma Magnus at Everyone is welcome to contribute.


Our very own Gaby Pimental has started a YouTube channel that will have daily videos uploaded aimed at exercises for people 70+. Please share her channel with anyone who you think would benefit!

Check out her channel here.


If you have anything you would like to feature in next week's newsletter, email by 12:00 Sunday.

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