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GDFC News 28 March


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Hi goals! We’re back! This Wednesday. It’s going to be a fun, relaxed return to football as we all get back into it.

Last Thursday the FA relaxed their covid training numbers limits & we voted on a sensible club limit at the AGM*. Members also raised the continued need for a socially distanced option, which we have included in our plan.

It’s been a tight turnaround with this. If we don’t get it quite right this week, we’ll improve for next week, bear with us!

We are going to trial having 3 coaches at training and split into 3 groups of 28. Within that, you’ll be in your smaller bubbles of max 14 (as before), so you won’t come into contact with more people. Anyone who would like to / is happy to be in a socially distanced session should sign up to the Adv Group 1.

Can everyone who will only train in socially distanced sessions get in touch with Gaia by lunchtime on Monday. This will help us group the bubbles accordingly.

*Over 65% of attendees voted for an 84 person limit or no limit on training numbers. We think it’s sensible to have a limit for the time-being, and the assumption is that those who voted for unlimited spots, would want the highest number of spots. We also want to capture the strong feedback in our survey that training spaces needed to increase.


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