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GDFC News 25 October


  • League Info

  • Fixtures

  • Training Tournament!

  • Sunday League Restart

  • Coaching Updates

  • Captains & Coaches Callout

  • Fundraising Goal

  • Anti-Oppression Training with Hayley Bennett on Thursday

  • Player Shout Outs





It’s tournament week again! Sign up to the all-ability tournament for FUN, GOALS & PRIZES!

Please make sure you only sign-up if you can attend as it takes a long time for Coach Josh to split the teams. He’ll post team splits and colours on Tuesday evening.


The current leagues are ending soon (next week for Advanced, 6th Nov for intermediate) but the next league starts pretty much straight away on the 14th Nov (advanced league) and 21st Nov (beginners league). Keep an eye out for a survey to figure out interest!


Amy Lester has been promoted to Senior Coach. She’s been a huge part of the club as both a player and a coach over the last few years, and we’re so excited for her to have the chance to work with more players and training and on matchdays. Love you, Lester!

We’d like to formally announce that Ransford has joined the coaching team! He spent a month getting to know the club, and running sessions for different groups at training, and after some really good feedback from members he’ll be with us for Wednesday sessions.



We’d like to update our list of who enjoys captaining games for GDFC so that everyone gets the opportunity to do so! If you’re keen to be a captain more often, please drop Ciara a message on TeamApp. We’ll be organising a short (~15min session) where we run through what it means to be a captain at GDFC. We’d love lots of new people to volunteer!


We’re also on the lookout for some new junior coaches to help with training & with coaching / managing specific leagues. If you are interested in becoming a coach for GDFC, please send Josh a message on TeamApp. You don’t need to have any previous experience coaching.


GDFC member River has nearly reached her fundraising goal for her surgery GoFundMe! Please donate or share far and wide! Let's reach this fundraising goal for an ultimate goal this week:


Hayley Bennett will be delivering a fourth Anti-Oppression session on Thursday to look more closely at systemic racism and oppression and in particular how this relates to events surrounding MOZF (30/07).

Our hope is that this training will allow us to move forward as a whole club and ensure that every member understands and is committed to upholding and furthering our club values around inclusion and equality. Again we’d like to encourage as many members as are able to, to attend this event whether you've attended one of the intro sessions or not.


So many shout outs this week! Whatta week!!

Shout out to Deniz for organising the tickets to Wembley and for Gaia for being such a star on the Big Screen which led to us getting a bunch of free tickets! Such a lovely evening!

Shout out to Coach Josh for an incredible 11s training - we can't wait to put our skills to the test in this week's training tourney (!)

And shout out to Julie & Moni for absolutely goalorious play at Sunday 7s! A joy to watch!


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