GDFC News 24 February



Tottenham goalkeeper Chloe Morgan will be BACK this Wednesday to train our keepers. Wow.


Now that we’ve entered a new stage at Goal Diggers FC - where, as voted on at the AGM, we are shifting the focus from a growth in member numbers to a growth in everyone’s footballing ability - it means a change in the way we approach training and matches.

We have a real chance to grow the quality of everyone’s football. One of the ways we can do this is by ensuring our members are training in the correct ability level groups and playing in the correct ability level leagues. This will help us to focus on the best way to improve each individual - whilst also working on the continuity of those of the same footballing level.

GDFC Academy

For those who see themselves as part of the development branch of GDFC. Essentially anyone who feels like they are either new to football or are of an intermediate standard and are most comfortable when playing non ability based teams. Now that we are membership only - no-one is a complete beginner - exciting times.

GDFC Experienced