GDFC News 21 December


As per the FA’s latest guidance, adult ‘non-elite’ football is not permitted in Tier 4, including all training and fixtures. We will not be able to enjoy any of our holiday kickarounds but will see you as soon as we can safely!

A reminder that if anyone in the club has tested positive soon after any training session / match that they should let Martha or Ciara know ASAP x


Membership renewal is opening on 23rd Dec for all current goals to purchase membership for the Jan - June (inclusive) block. Please take a look at the Financial Summary and Membership Renewal document that will be published this week.

Covid & the lack of football in Tier 4 make it very hard to predict how much football we can provide in the next block. We appreciate that some members may want to delay their payment and pay a reduced fee if the length of their membership is reduced due to the lack of football under the Tier 4 / lockdown restrictions. We will have a ‘pay later’ option in the store, for any goals who wish to wait to make a payment, but still intend on joining as a member when they can return to football. We have not set a deadline on this payment yet, and will ensure members are given a month’s notice to make the payment. Please still ‘purchase’ this option as we need to have a clear idea of numbers for our waitlist.