GDFC News 20 September


Please see signing up for training in the same way you do signing up to a match, only sign up if you are going to turn up. If you absolutely have to drop out please do so before Wednesday so Gaia isn’t spending her Wednesdays creating and recreating the bubbles multiple times for contact tracing purposes. This also helps our coaches have a clear idea of who is attending training at the earliest possible time AND gives members who are on the training waiting list enough notice to make training.

Training sign up steps

Sign-up is first come first served and due to Covid-19 rules it is capped at 60 players (including coaches). Once we reach the limit in each group, if you RSVP you’ll automatically be added to a waitlist. To check if you’re on the waitlist, click on your ‘Yes’ RSVP and it will show you a full list of who is in and who is on the waitlist. Please be kind to your fellow goals and only sign up if you really think you can come.

If you can’t make it anymore please follow these three simple steps:

  1. Let us know ASAP

  2. Change your RSVP and

  3. Leave a comment.

(Fyi: If you change your RSVP to no then back to yes you will go to the back of the queue).