GDFC News 20 January

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Please do not show up at training if you are on the waitlist. From this Wednesday we will not allow people who are not on the 'yes' list to train. The system is set up to reflect our availability over ability ethos. If you want to train, get those alarms set for 19:30 today!


A very good week in the books for the Goals in Gold. Three excellent performances at Whittington Park, followed by a great Wednesday session, and capped off by a stunning comeback at Clapham where we came from 3-1 down to win 4-3 against EEA Ladies. Well done to everyone involved at Super 5s in the week, too, and to those who played on Sunday. We're back into the swing of things as a club, and it feels oh so good.

At training this week we'll be working on some finishing, as well as forward passes and trying to 'break the lines.' As always, please be on time, ready to work on skill of the week - check out our Insta for that this week 👀

A couple more things to be aware of for training that will really help the coaches out: