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GDFC News 20 January

Welcome to GDFC's weekly newsletter!


Please do not show up at training if you are on the waitlist. From this Wednesday we will not allow people who are not on the 'yes' list to train. The system is set up to reflect our availability over ability ethos. If you want to train, get those alarms set for 19:30 today!


A very good week in the books for the Goals in Gold. Three excellent performances at Whittington Park, followed by a great Wednesday session, and capped off by a stunning comeback at Clapham where we came from 3-1 down to win 4-3 against EEA Ladies. Well done to everyone involved at Super 5s in the week, too, and to those who played on Sunday. We're back into the swing of things as a club, and it feels oh so good.

At training this week we'll be working on some finishing, as well as forward passes and trying to 'break the lines.' As always, please be on time, ready to work on skill of the week - check out our Insta for that this week 👀

A couple more things to be aware of for training that will really help the coaches out:

  • If you see a familiar face, particularly if they're on their own, please go over and reintroduce yourself.

  • We should only take water bottles onto the pitch, and keep them in the bays where the goals often are.

  • Set the goals up for matches when we get on the pitch.

  • During matches, if a ball comes onto your pitch - please don't just smash it anywhere. either play it into a corner, put it in a goal, or give it to a coach.

Remember 7:30 arrival time and it's astros only on the training pitch.


We are looking for advanced / intermediate players to join a voluntary managers group to help manage and support with the Thursday/Thursday beginners Super5s games and Sunday beginners 7/5aside LaLiga games. If you are keen, please let Ciara Robinson know via the chat function on the app.



GDFC Intermediate 1 : 2 Romance FC

GDFC Beginners 2 : 0 Todo Cuidad FC

Tuesday 7s

GDFC Heroes 2 : 1 East Finchley

GDFC All Stars 2 : 0 Islington Reds

GDFC Legends 0 : 6 Islington Ladies

Saturday 11s

GDFC Advanced 4 : 3 Ladies EEA

LaLiga 5s/7s

GDFC Beginners 1 : 1 Hubbersfield Town FC

GDFC Heroes 6 : 7 Non Beleaguers

GDFC All Stars 7 : 2 Our Team

GDFC Legends 2 : 3 Ladies Super Liga FC

To sign up to any of the leagues, head to the store on the app to purchase membership. You will automatically be added to the group and be notified when new match posts go live.

For all information on league sign ups and process please check the league info document which can be found in the news section of the app.

If you have any questions please private message Leah Kahn via the chat function on the app or email



Goal Diggers FC Intermediate v Universal Music | Super5s | 20:00

Hackney, E9 5HW


Goal Diggers Legends v Stoke Newington | Islington 7s | 19:00

Archway, N19 4RS


Goal Diggers Heroes v Islington Reds | Islington 7s | 21:00

Archway, N19 4RS


Goal Diggers FC Beginners v Islington Reds | Super 5s | 19:00

Hackney, E9 5HW


Goal Diggers FC Beginners v New London 5s | La Liga 7aside | 14:00



GDFC Heroes v Canaries | La Liga 5aside | 14:00



GDFC All Stars v Non Beleaguers | La Liga 5aside | 14:00



GDFC Legends v Our Team | La Liga 5aside | 15:00



Reminder to pay membership fees by 31st January. If you’re part of “Membership 2020” you have a membership spot - please email if you have any challenges with payment or would no longer like to be a member.


New GOLD shirts!

Anyone intending to play in any leagues should purchase a gold top today! We will no longer have spares for people - any problems with this send me (Gaia) a message on the app.


HOW: Buy now in App in the Store

SIZE: These tops come in a men's fit so I've included approximate UK size equivalents. If you're not sure, send me a message in App


NUMBERS: The numbers will continue from our existing order 190 onwards, no exceptions except for keepers (see below)

KEEPERS: Once you’ve purchased your top, send me a message with colour you would like and number.


Check out our recent players of the day.

GDFC Super5s Intermediate Players of the day

Captain Ciara Robinson and Alex Krook

GDFC Super5s Beginners Players of the day

Captain Hannah May and the entire team!

GDFC 7s Players of the day

Captain Rachel Nickolds and Louise Cochrane, Captain Flo Pollock and Molly Moore, Captain Leah Kahn and Joanne Yao

GDFC Training Players of the day

Coach Josh Pugh and Martha Godfrey, Coach Amy Lester and Lottie Strong

GDFC 11s Advanced Players of the day

Captain Flo Pollock and Emma Magnus, Coach Josh Pugh and Bella Borg

GDFC La Liga Intermediate Players of the day

Captain Beth Miles and Louise Cochrane, Captain Dora Dixon and Emma Levin


Photographer Kate McShane will be at training on Wednesday to take photos for her portfolio ahead of International Women’s Day. Please get in touch with Jess Keating if you’d like to have your portrait taken, or feel free to volunteer on the night!



GDRC: Happy January Goals! A couple of us have signed up for Hackney half and I thought it might be fun to go for some Monday evening runs together! It would be v chill, and you can choose your distance from 1-6miles (we'll do loops so you can do as many as you want and the loop will meet at a pub so if you fancy a 10min sweat or something a bit longer then that's completely up to you). 

I also personally love a good chat while I run so it can be a fun opportunity to sweat off the Monday blues, discuss our weekends, our worries.. or just have a jog and a nice time!

Then I'll increase the longer distance so that if people want to train for Hackney half, we'll gradually work our way up to 10-11miles and then practice some of the route itself! 

This is just to put some feelers out there and see if other people might be interested. I'll start a chat and if enough people seem keen then we can make it a thing! 

Contact Emily Cousens if you are interested.


Ellie Judd is trying to get some people involved in a challenge for a charity that her old university football coach runs, Inspired4life. The challenge involves 4 martial arts/self defence lessons at a choice of locations across London, then an attempt to do 1,000 martial arts strikes in an hour. Entrants will have to pay £45 to take the challenge, which covers 4 martial arts/self defence lessons, challenge t-shirt and challenge entry fee.

See more about the challenge below.


If you have anything you would like to feature in next week's newsletter, email by 12:00 Sunday.

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