GDFC News 16 March


Due to non-members and people on the waitlist showing up at training, we are implementing an official training protocol starting this Wednesday. If you are turned away from training by a member of the committee, please do not take it personally or hold it against them, they are just enforcing the training protocol and keeping the club true to its ethos.

  1. Training is for members only - if you turn up and you are not a member you will be turned away. You can, however, attend Thursday FootbALL sessions.

  2. We have 50 places at training and these are available on a first come first served basis. If you are on the waitlist and you turn up then you can only play if someone on the training register does not turn up. If there is a full turnout you can stay to help the coaches, go straight to the pub or leave.


At the moment, the government has decided to refrain from introducing social distancing policies. We therefore currently expect all training and scheduled matches to go ahead as planned. *Note: Due to the virus LaLaiga Sunday 5s/7s league is currently cancelled until further notice.

Please don’t sign-up for matches or training if you’re feeling unwell (even a bit sniffly). If you start feeling unwell after having signed up, please let us (Ciara Robinson/Polly Simpson/your team captain) know asap and don’t play.

More generally, please follow Public Health England guidance, which includes: