GDFC News 13 January

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Training this week will be with Ciara and Amy. We'll be building on what we worked on last week, with an in possession focus of turning, and an out of possession focus of delaying forward passes and runs. Ahead of Wednesday, have a look at some clips of players receiving the ball and turning in one movement - focus on where they are on the pitch when they do this. Also find some clips of how teams get back into their shape when they lose the ball, and who takes responsibility for putting pressure on the ball.

A couple more things to be aware of for training that will really help the coaches out:

  • If you see a familiar face, particularly if they're on their own, please go over and reintroduce yourself.

  • We should only take water bottles onto the pitch, and keep them in the bays where the goals often are.

  • Set the goals up for matches when we get on the pitch.

  • During matches, if a ball comes onto your pitch - please don't just smash it anywhere. either play it into a corner, put it in a goal, or give it to a coach.

Remember 7:30 arrival time and it's astros only on the training pitch.