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GDFC News 11 September

Hot off the press: some hot news about friendly 11s and loads of cute player pics!


  • League info

  • Training

  • Training feedback

  • Friendly 11s -- register your interest!

  • Kit kitty

  • Community Corner

  • Player Shout-Outs



Have a question about leagues? Get in touch with the relevant league rep on TeamApp or with our head of football Paula!


If you can help with carrying equipment to training please drop a message in the Ball Collecting chat on TeamApp when you sign up. The address is 2 Moye Close, E2 8QN... just a stones throw from the pitches (and the pub afterwards).


⚽️ Reminder from Coach Josh: we've got a feedback form where you can let us know your thoughts on training. Feel free to send this either straight after a session, or when it suits you during the week. ⚽️

👉 You can also feedback specifically on our all-abilities tournaments: We started doing all ability training tournaments a year ago. The idea was to provide opportunities for everyone in the club to meet each other and to reinforce our non-ability ethos. We wanted to check in about how you all found the training tournament two weeks ago. Please feedback here if you have any thoughts or comments, including if you enjoyed!



We are really keen to get ALL of our members playing matches - digging deep together, making memories & having a lovely post match drink after. Matches are such a crucial way to grow your footie, feel part of the GDFC community & make friends. So PLEASE get involved in our exciting 11s set up this season. The aim: - Once a month friendlies - East London - Hackney Marshes (tbc) - 11am or 1pm kick-off (please add preference to link below) - Two separate ability groups (beg/ int and exp) - Vs Queer friendly, non-ability based teams that we know and love - Price tbc Dates: - The first or second Saturday of every month - These fixtures will not clash with the V Experienced 11s League - 8th Oct, 5th Nov, 3rd Dec, 14th Jan, 11th Feb, 11th Mar, 8th Apr, 6th May How do we make this dream a reality!? All we need now is we will not be able to go ahead with this without players. So please sign up here if you're interested & share this link with your fellow members:

We currently have the following wonderful members signed up - join them:


  1. Miranda Clarke

  2. Kideshini Widyaratna

  3. Mira Patel

  4. Florrie

  5. Alys Duggan

  6. Saphia haddouche

  7. J Longworth

  8. Laura Jacobs

  9. Nina Webb-Bourne

  10. Suzanne Mouton

  11. Hannah Hoskins

  12. Dee Menezes

  13. Georgia Gilling

  14. Hannah-Lily

  15. Hannah dinz

  16. Kimberly Murrell

  17. Katie C


  1. Laura HH

  2. Esther JR

  3. Cara Bruce

  4. River Honer

  5. Emily Garland

  6. K8 Allinson

  7. Anna Trench

  8. Fleur Cousens

  9. G Bruce

  10. Beth Miles

  11. Holly B

  12. Beth Rochford

  13. Sam Kubo

  14. Lara Goodwin

  15. Flora Levi

  16. Ally Temple

  17. May Robson

  18. Lorraine mcmenamin

  19. Hannah Wright

  20. Paula Griffin

  21. Izzy Agaylea

  22. Raff Blacknell


AT GDFC we want to make sure there’s as little as possible preventing you from playing football. For any members that need any financial help towards buying new boots / kit / transport costs etc, we have a kitty to help out. Just get in touch with Gaia at!


This section is reserved for anyone in the club who has stuff they want to share (job posting, events, other cool opportunities -- whatever!) If you ever want to add anything to this section just email and put 'NEWSLETTER' in the subject line.


Check out for more info on a friendly women & non-binary people's sports day happening in Clapham on 17th September. There's some classic sports day stuff going on and a chance to find out more about Out to Swim's amazing teams (swimming, water-polo, open-water swimming) . Sign-up on the website if you're keen to join!



Thanks to all our coaches for a great session last Wednesday. Players of the match we're Nicola, Lottie, G Bruce, Dee, Niki and Raff, and Danielle.


First Tuesday back was delightful! Massive congrats to Maz on her debut for GDFC. She kept us in the game making some incredible saves.


Due to the unfortunate cancellation of our Sunday 5s/7s league matches players came together to play a friendly kickaround in Haggerston Park. Pitch conditions left something to be desired but the lovely weather and great company kept players in good spirits. Each team picked a player of the match from the other team. Team non-bibs chose Beth Rochford citing her oft-referenced deft touch. Team bibs picked Anna Trench who took home the metaphorical golden Boot for the afternoon, scoring some worldies for her side and managing excellent ball control despite a pitch which made Clapham Common look like Emirates Stadium. Special shoutout to Beth and Lara for whacking in the golden goal to finish off the day, sealing the win for the non-bibs.


If you have anything you would like to feature in next week's newsletter, or any photos for social media, email by 18:00 Sunday.

If any links aren't working in this newsletter, please open in your browser. Sometimes links do not work when reading on the TeamApp.

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