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GDFC News 11 July


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Incredibly exciting news! The “For the Love of the Game” kit and merchandise collection are preparing to launch AND we have even MORE beautiful items on offer.

The GDFC kit is brand new and is in addition to the beautiful range created by artist and member Lily Rose Grant. This is because Lily, as a professional artist, required certain terms to protect her work including, sales of the range to cease at the end of 2021, sales of the range to be limited at 1000 and a percentage of the profits. We however were hoping for a kit with a longer shelf life. Consequently the solution reached by both parties was for Lily’s range to exist as a limited edition commemorative merchandise range & for us to have an additional permanent GDFC kit designed by Anastasia Kuchta.

The New Kit

Graphic Designer and committee member Anastasia Kuchta designed our new long term kit for GDFC and you’re going to love it! The 1921: For the Love of the Game Kit was heavily inspired by the art deco style popular in the 1920s. The kit collection features a Black Outfield Shirt (available in short sleeve and long sleeve) and a Green Keeper Shirt (available in short sleeve and long sleeve).

Rather than individual numbers on the back, each kit is given the number 1921. This is a powerful educational tool and a symbol of the even playing field we aim to create with our non-ability based ethos. The kit also features the quote Alice Kell made following the ban, “We play for the love of the game and are determined to go on”. The keeper kit is uniquely powerful because it marries the greens, so commonly associated with pitches, with Art Deco patterns and fonts, so commonly associated with the 1920s. We are connecting something that women's football became disconnected from 100 years ago.


Every member is entitled to one subsidised GDFC kit shirt - but please feel free to buy more/share both ranges with as many people as possible. The more money we raise, the more sustainable and financially accessible GDFC can become.

GDFC “For The Love Of The Game” Kit

[100% of profits to GDFC]

£28: kit shirt + donation

£19: kit shirt + no donation

£10: subsidised kit shirt

£0: fully subsidised kit shirt

Commemorative “For The Love Of The Game” Merchandise Collection

[50% of profits to GDFC/ 50% of profits to Lily Rose Grant]

£28: for all merchandise items


This Wednesday (14th July) at training we will be bringing sample sizes of the kit range for people to try on so we can purchase a bulk order of our new kit asap. If you are happy to model the kit for our promotional materials we would be so grateful.

We can't wait to see and photograph you all wearing our fab new kit and merch 🤩 what an exciting time for us!

The full collection should launch on the Halbro Store on 15 July. We will be placing a group order for kit tops on 23 July. These will be available via TeamApp.

Goal Diggers values — and depends upon — the work and contributions of our members, and we are incredibly grateful for your support. In particular, we'd like to thank Lily, Ana AND a big thank you to Alice Kell, Preston Ladies, Sue Lopez, Hope Powell, Chloe Morgan, Sammy Walker and every other person who has, and continues to play, "for the love of the game".

If you have any questions, please email Club Sec Millie at


We have a new opening on the GDFC Committee – an Inclusion & Diversity Officer role. The Job Spec is attached below and also available on the Team App. If interested, please email Club Sec Millie at

Committee Job_I&D Officer
Download PDF • 52KB


Save the date

30 July 10pm- 4am, at Colour Factory Garden (outdoors venue) in Hackney Wick

Meet the new Team MOZF

Anna Gray, Mars West, Liv Birbeck and Georgia Bruce


We have 12 new members joining us in this block in the two open training sessions on the 14th and 21st of July.

We all have a role to play to make sure these new members feel included in our club. If you are at training on either of these days, please ensure you introduce yourself to at least one new person and make sure to sit with new people at the pub!


If you have anything you would like to feature in next week's newsletter, email by 12:00 Sunday.

If you are interested in joining a mailing list to speak on behalf of GDFC to the press and other media outlets please fill out this form.

Have a photo you want shared on GDFC socials? Submit it here.

If any links aren't working in this newsletter, please open in your browser. Sometimes links do not work when reading on the TeamApp.

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