GDFC News 07 February


For the love of the game: 100 defiant years of womxn's football

Event time: 28th Feb 7pm

Description: In 1921, the FA banned womxn from football for 50 years, effectively erasing the history of the womxn’s game. This is a history which must not be forgotten.

2021 marks 100 years on from the infamous ban and 100 defiant years of womxn's football.

Goal Diggers FC is a non-profit club set up in London to make football more available and accessible to all women and non-binary people regardless of experience or ability. Join us as we learn about and celebrate the forgotten footballers who fought to play the sport they loved and the strength of those still fighting against the setback the ban has caused today.

In partnership with the National Museum of Football we will be launching a 'Protest Kit' showcasing some of the stories of these incredible defiant womxn who fought back in the face of a patriarchal and homophobic societ