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GDFC News 07 December

Updated: Dec 7, 2020


We are so excited to show you what artist goal Lily Grant has created for our 2021 Protest Kit!

In 1921 the FA declared football "quite unsuitable for females" and banned womxn from playing football on any FA affiliated pitch for 50 years. This policy has meant that the

womxn's game is still fighting for space 100 years later.

2021 will be 100 years since the ban. We’re already seeing the story of the ban featured in national football outlets (National Football Museum, Copa90) and we want to be a part of telling this story. We want this kit to spotlight the exclusion of womxn from football and to draw attention to the ongoing pitch struggles the womxn’s game faces as a direct consequence of the FA’s actions.

It will be a powerful statement for all our goals to wear this kit as we take up our pitch space and fight for others to have the same.

We want this kit to reflect our members & be comfortable for all so we will be collecting feedback this week. We will have template shirts at the next few sessions so our goals can try the shirts for fit and style. Please have a look at the kits below and please send *ANY* feedback to Lily or Gaia in person or on TeamApp, or get in touch via email at

We will incorporate all feedback received and do a whole-club vote on the final kit.

Please don’t share this outside the club yet!

White Kit

Black Kit (same as white, but black base, front of shirt shown as example)

As part of our commitment to spreading the history of womxn’s football, each kit will come with an informative booklet featuring the graphics on the shirt:

1. Helen Matthews: Founder Of First Women’s Football Team Anywhere In The World

In 1881, Matthews decided to set up a women's Scottish national team, after watching an all-male match between Scotland and England at the Oval, London, which Scotland won 6-1. She used the pseudonym Mrs Graham and named the team Mrs Graham's XI. The first record of the team coming together to play football occurred on 9 May 1881, at Edinburgh's Easter Road Stadium. The match was billed as a Scotland v England international, and Matthews played as a goalkeeper.

2. The 1921 kiss and the two captains involved: Alice Kell and Madeline Bracquemond (French & English Women’s Team Captains 1925)

Captains Alice Kell and Madeline Bracquemond create a firestorm by kissing at the end of France's 2-1 victory over England in 1921.

3. Preston Ladies Training 1939

After the ban, the Dick, Kerr’s side continued to play at non-FA grounds, becoming Preston Ladies FC in 1926 after Frankland fell out with the factory owners.

4. The FA quote: "football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged" (featured on our sleeve)

In the 1920s the sport flourished with around 150 women's teams in England. But then the women's game was effectively banned, with the FA at the time saying the game of football is "quite unsuitable for females". It was another half century until women's football got back on its feet and a key reason it lags behind the men's game today.

We are aware this quote is not very inclusive. So we’re looking for suggestions of other quotes that could feature on the shirt. Please get in touch!


Thank you for filling in our survey. The members have spoken & we have the following results:

  1. Simplify ability split (development & advanced) (72% voted in favour)

  2. Provide some 1 hour sessions (only 60% voted in favour, so we will provide a reduced number of these sessions, every other week)

Other feedback & outcomes:

  1. Keepers will keep training as one group for full 2 hour sessions (70% in favour)

  2. equipment at training to be shared evenly between the bubbles so that both abilities get the chance to play with goals

  3. There will always be a 2 hour session available for Dev & Adv every week. The 1 hour sessions will be provided in addition to these.

  4. The 1 hour sessions will not be coached. They will involve a warmup and then match time rather than trying to squeeze drills in.

We’re trying to make training as accessible and fun as possible. Unfortunately we had 7 empty spots at training last week, including some no-shows.

To avoid this: please, please do not sign up unless you are sure you can play. Update your RSVPs if you can no longer play. Do not stay on the waitlist if you’ve made other plans. If you are on the waitlist, make sure you check your TeamApp around 5pm to confirm that you can play if you get in. ALSO BRING YOUR BIB FOR LYF.



The holidays are here and so is this limited edition GDFC Holiday Tote. It's time to dig deep into your pockets, as all proceeds will go straight back into the club. Gift one to your favourite goal or grab one for yourself while they last! Buy it here.


Thursday football is BACK!

Calthorpe Community Pitch

Size: 6-A-Side

Surface: Flat AstroTurf (no moulds)

Time: 830-930pm

Location: 258-274 Grays Inn Rd, London WC1X 8LH



If you have anything you would like to feature in next week's newsletter, email by 12:00 Sunday.

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