GDFC News 07 December

Updated: Dec 7, 2020


We are so excited to show you what artist goal Lily Grant has created for our 2021 Protest Kit!

In 1921 the FA declared football "quite unsuitable for females" and banned womxn from playing football on any FA affiliated pitch for 50 years. This policy has meant that the

womxn's game is still fighting for space 100 years later.

2021 will be 100 years since the ban. We’re already seeing the story of the ban featured in national football outlets (National Football Museum, Copa90) and we want to be a part of telling this story. We want this kit to spotlight the exclusion of womxn from football and to draw attention to the ongoing pitch struggles the womxn’s game faces as a direct consequence of the FA’s actions.

It will be a powerful statement for all our goals to wear this kit as we take up our pitch space and fight for others to have the same.