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GDFC News 06 April

To keep the GDFC community alive and kicking we have introduced a number of weekly GDFC zoom events to replace matches and training. Your this week's GDFC Quaran-Team calendar is as follows:

April Talks and Classes:

  • Tues 7th - Hilary Aked: Mutual Aid Discussion

  • Mon 13th - Coach Josh + Carrie Dunn: Leah Williamsonn Case Study

  • Mon 20th - Emily Cousens: Capitalism and Corona

If you missed Coach Josh's talk last week, you can check out the slides here.

If you are keen to host a Monday session please email


We may not be able to play football right now but we can still engage in the beautiful game.

We've extended our Quaran-Team challenge until next Sunday at 12PM!

If you missed it, the challenge is for everyone to get creative and paint, draw or sculpt ANYTHING to do with our "Pitch Please" hunt. From posters to collages to paintings to poems - let's go goals.

Voting on a winner will take place in next week's newsletter and announced during next week's Wednesday Quaran-team session. The winner will receive a special GDFC prize!

Please send all entries to by 12PM on Sunday.

Check out some of our submissions so far:


We will be choosing a football themed movie to watch weekly. This will be discussed at the end of every Wednesday night zoom.

This week's movie is the documentary Diego Maradona which can be watched on All4 here.

We will be discussing this Wednesday 8 April.


Hope everyone is keeping well, and looking after yourselves and those around you.

If you want to get your football fix, and stay on top of your understanding of the game, we’d recommend going back to watch a game that you went to see live. It’s a really useful way of combining an experience you had in person, with commentary, and the ability to pause and rewind etc. If you’re interested in doing this with a coach:

  • Organise a group of you who want to watch

  • Pick a game and find it on YouTube

  • Message one of the coaches with a date and time to watch it altogether on Zoom / Google hangout

Also worth having a look at the Nike Training App. There’s a load of stuff on there to help stay active at the moment.


Dr Hannah May here.

Got a burning corona question? Got a silly question about covid that you’ve been too afraid to ask? Really bored and just looking for a way to pass the time? Then I’ve got good news for you- ask me anything you like about this lil' virus and I will do my best to answer in next weeks newsletter. All the usual bits apply; this is me being helpful so don’t report me to the GMC and I can’t dish out personalised medical advice so don’t ask me about your rash yeah?

You can pitch your entirely anonymous question here.


We are starting our very own GDFC-Mag! This will be a community-driven magazine written by GDFC's own players, aiming to provide a platform for the club's diverse voices, trailblazers and creative wizards.

If you have any ideas for the magazine or would be interested in contributing, please email Emma Magnus at Everyone is welcome to contribute.


Our very own Gaby Pimental has started a YouTube channel that will have daily videos uploaded aimed at exercises for people 70+. Please share her channel with anyone who you think would benefit!

Check out her channel here.


If you have anything you would like to feature in next week's newsletter, email by 12:00 Sunday.

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