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GDFC News 03 October


  • League Info

  • Fixtures

  • Training

  • Kit Update

  • Club Sec Vote

  • Senior Coach Amy

  • Birthday Training

  • Welcome Goals

  • Listening Circle and Anti-Oppression Training with Hayley Bennett

  • Community Corner

  • Player Shout Outs





Over the next few weeks, we will be trialling some new training splits! Back in 2019, we set out the aim to adjust training splits to support the growth of everyone’s football skills as we transitioned to a members only club. Until recently, we didn’t have the pitch space to experiment and because of COVID, we faced other restrictions. Just remember: you have the agency to decide where you feel most comfortable. We will always be availability not ability but want to make space for people to learn in the environment right for them! Any feedback would be very welcome :)

Next week:

Group 1: Development

  • For those who are new to football and most comfortable playing non ability teams.

  • Most likely to play in beginner friendlies or don’t feel ready for matches.

Group 2: Intermediate

  • For those who are newer to football but not a complete beginner and most comfortable playing non ability or intermediate teams.

  • Most likely to play in Intermediate 5s or 7s.

Group 3: Experienced

  • For those who are comfortable playing experienced, ability level teams and happy with more complicated drills.

  • Most likely to play in Exp 5s, 7s, and 11s.

Group 4: Very Experienced

  • For those who want more challenging drills and are regularly playing against advanced level teams.

  • Most likely to play in V Exp 7s and V Exp 11s.


Don’t forget we are now officially wearing our new kit, and for those that still have not collected please keep an eye out on team app for updates and info. However we would love for you to start promoting on socials. Please tag GDFC and use the hashtag #fortheLoveofTheGame - there are a number of lovely photos from Jess K at the link below, please credit her for any photos used.

Those asking about sales, this will be available very shortly and as soon as the store is live we will let you know, apologies on this delay.



As we have only had one application for the Club Sec role we will be running a vote to ensure that the majority of the club are happy with this applicant's goals for the next year. We will be opening a vote on team app and asking the club to decide if they think that this is the right person for the role. Below is their application, the vote will be put out separately.

  • Why do you think you'll make a good Club sec?

I’ve been on committee for a while (although in a different role) and think this has given me a good idea of how the club is run as a whole, of the structure we have currently and where we need to make some improvements, and what is working well, which sort of leads me on to the next question...

  • What will your aims for the club be over the next year?

I think after the challenges that the last year or so have brought for the club - going members only (and the level of growth we’ve had over the last few years), the impact of covid, I think the committee needs some clarity on structure, and some clarity on how the club is run. I would like to refocus down on the GDFC ethos, what it means to be a digger, and perhaps give the club an option to have a voice where it might not have had a voice before. As part of this, I would like to work on giving our trans members more options to play football, whether that is by supporting them in their dealings with the FA, or finding more trans friendly leagues that all of our members can participate in, as opposed to different members getting different options. Mainly as club sec I would just like to support our already brilliant committee members in doing what they do best, and keep ensuring that all of our members have access to as much football as they want.

  • What are you most looking forward to now you are part of the GDFCommittee?

Getting a new jumper, cause my old one is getting tatty…


As she comes into her third season as coach at GDFC, we are delighted to announce that the fabulous Amy has been promoted to senior coach! Amy will continue to take the development sessions but also take some more advanced sessions.

Can't wait for all the stunning drills to come #ThisGoalCan!


Hope to see you all at training this week for gifts, pizza and drinks at The Perseverance afterwards. Wear something colourful / your favourite footie shirt or your new kit top, but remember your bib! If you can't train, still come along to the pub afterwards - we'll be in the back garden from 9.15.

Sign up as usual - let's make this a big one!


We've got a couple of new goals attending training this week. Please introduce yourselves to them all! Joining us we have confirmed Sonja, Emily, Jada, Dunja, Oana, Frankie, Adwoa, Filomena and Ana.

If anyone hasn't been a buddy before but would like to, please send Gaia a message so I can pair you up!


  • LISTENING CIRCLE - Tuesday 5th October, 5 -7pm

This listening circle is for club members and MOZF-supporters to come together and hold space to share and reflect on the harm that was caused by both the initial GDFC committee decision not to cancel the MOZF event on 30th July 2021 despite knowing undercover police would be in the venue, and subsequent responses which made members who publicly shared their concerns feel that their experiences were being debated or challenged. We hope that this space will allow those of our community that were excluded to experience solidarity and support our collective and individual healing. (Please see the Club Statement on MOZF on Insta grid HERE for more background)

This event has been organised by individuals within the inclusion sub-committee. In support of the listening circle, the GDFC committee have provided club funds to allow us to hire a professional facilitator for this session - Kasey Robinson (she/her), a professional facilitator whose specialisms include inclusion, equity, wellbeing and anti-racism. We hope that this helps us create an environment where individuals feel safe to speak and share without fear of judgement, disagreement or retaliation.

There is no obligation for attendees to speak or share and solidarity through listening is also valued. Any GDFC member may attend but please note that this space is specifically for those who were excluded by the events of and since 30/07/21. Speaking is strictly NOT open to anyone who is defensive about the decision for MOZF to go ahead or unapologetic about attending the night.

We know that this space needed to be held many weeks ago, especially considering that some individuals have not felt comfortable participating in GDFC activities since the event. It has taken some time to find an appropriate professional facilitator and agree on a suitable date. We really hope that those who were marginalised on the night of MOZF can join us in community and solidarity.

Please see Team App event for further details or contact I&D Officers Katy Covell and Liz Ward for more information.


We had the first of three GDFC Anti-Oppression training sessions designed and delivered by I&D Consultant Hayley Bennett last week. An invaluable opportunity to come together as friends and teammates and explore how we can “meaningfully promote anti-discrimination within the GDFC sphere of influence”, we strongly encourage members (committee, newcomers & longstanding alike) who are yet to commit to attending one of these initial Anti-Oppression training sessions to sign up for either of the two remaining sessions.

  • Monday 11th October, 6-8pm

  • Tuesday 12th October, 6-8pm

(Please note - training is completely free of charge and there is no capacity limit. It doesn’t matter which date you attend as we cover the same content in each session.)

  • MOZF (30/07) ANTI-OPPRESSION REFLECTION SESSION - Thursday 21st October, 5-7pm

Hayley Bennett will be delivering a fourth Anti-Oppression session on Thursday 21st October to look more closely at systemic racism and oppression and in particular how this relates to events surrounding MOZF (30/07).

Our hope is that this training will allow us to move forward as a whole club and ensure that every member understands and is committed to upholding and furthering our club values around inclusion and equality.

Again we’d like to encourage as many members as are able to, to attend this event.


Athena at the Yard

Athena is set in a fencing club in New York City, and is a coming of age comedy which looks at the ups and downs of two young women in competitive fencing. Based on the playwright’s experience of being part of a New York fencing club as a teenager, it celebrates the strength and physicality of young female athletes and the appeal of competitive sports. We'd love to get the word out about the play to your members and to offer them a discount on tickets. You can book here using the code PARRY20 for 20% off tickets to any performance. We would also like to offer you a pair of tickets to our industry night on Monday 11th October, and would be happy to organise a further discount if you would like to bring a group. There is more information on the show in the flyer below. Please do forward onto this email and e-flyer to anyone who might be interested and we hope to see you at The Yard Theatre soon.


I wanted to give a player shout out to Jaye Smith after our plus 40s session on Thursday. She played with lots of energy and enthusiasm, even when it was chucking it down with rain.! –Coach Liv

Very experienced 11s team in the dressing room strategising before the match. –River Honor


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