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GDFC News 03 August


Pitches are not opening yet but we’ve created a whole new football timetable for all goals that renew membership next week (see below).

Please make sure to fill in our survey (7 mins) to let us know the kind of sessions you are comfortable attending, your location preferences and any equipment you have that you can bring along:

We’ll be using all your responses to inform a detailed strategy for our phased return to football which we will publish on Tuesday.

A detailed covid-19 code of conduct will follow which we will ask all of you to read and agree to before signing up to any sessions.


It’s finally time to renew membership for the second half of this year.

Existing members (& past members) get priority and will have a week to renew their membership. Payment for this membership block will be tiered & goals will have a month to make payments if needed, to cater for everyone’s different situations.

Full details will be published on Tuesday alongside our strategy for a safe phased return to football.


From this month our wonderful Coach Chloe will be doing 2 keeper trainings each month on a Wednesday. She’s got lots of questions for our fabulous keepers in the survey, so please make sure you fill it out ASAP so she can plan her sessions:

Especially important to fill out for any keepers that don’t have their own gloves yet…!


Do you have a GDFC crush? Is there someone you admire from afar? Tell them anonymously via GDFC Mag! Send an email to


If you have anything you would like to feature in next week's newsletter, email by 12:00 Sunday.

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