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GDFC News 11 October


  • League Info

  • Fixtures

  • Training

  • New Club Sec: Martha!

  • Welcome Goals

  • Anti-Oppression Training with Hayley Bennett

  • Community Corner

  • Player Shout Outs





Over the next few weeks, we will be trialing some new training splits! Back in 2019, we set out the aim to adjust training splits to support the growth of everyone’s football skills as we transitioned to a members only club. Until recently, we didn’t have the pitch space to experiment and because of COVID, we faced other restrictions. Just remember: you have the agency to decide where you feel most comfortable. We will always be availability not ability but want to make space for people to learn in the environment right for them! Any feedback would be very welcome :)

Group 1: Development

  • For those who are new to football and most comfortable playing non ability teams.

  • Most likely to play in beginner friendlies or don’t feel ready for matches.

Group 2: Intermediate

  • For those who are newer to football but not a complete beginner and most comfortable playing non ability or intermediate teams.

  • Most likely to play in Intermediate 5s or 7s.

Group 3: Experienced

  • For those who are comfortable playing experienced, ability level teams and happy with more complicated drills.

  • Most likely to play in Exp 5s, 7s, and 11s.

Group 4: Very Experienced

  • For those who want more challenging drills and are regularly playing against advanced level teams.

  • Most likely to play in V Exp 7s and V Exp 11s.


We are so excited to announce that Martha Godfrey has been voted in as new club sec! We are sure they'll be fantastic at the job and we're excited for our first in-person committee meeting next Sunday. Thanks for everyone who voted!


Massive welcome to the 5 players that joined us last week:

  • Jada (who scored her first GDFC goal on Saturday!)

  • Emily (who debuted with some sick saves on Sunday!)

  • Adwoa (who won player of the week at training!)

  • Dunja (who had a great time at training and is ready for this week!)

  • and Chloe (back after 3 years!)

At training this week we have 5 more members joining: Sam, Oana, Charity, Filomena, Ana and Sonja. Please welcome them!

If anyone hasn't been a buddy before but would like to, please send Gaia a message so we can pair you up!


We had the first of three GDFC Anti-Oppression training sessions designed and delivered by I&D Consultant Hayley Bennett last week. An invaluable opportunity to come together as friends and teammates and explore how we can “meaningfully promote anti-discrimination within the GDFC sphere of influence”, we strongly encourage members (committee, newcomers & longstanding alike) who are yet to commit to attending one of these initial Anti-Oppression training sessions to sign up for either of the two remaining sessions.

  • Monday 11th October, 6-8pm

  • Tuesday 12th October, 6-8pm

(Please note - training is completely free of charge and there is no capacity limit. It doesn’t matter which date you attend as we cover the same content in each session.)

MOZF (30/07) ANTI-OPPRESSION REFLECTION SESSION - Thursday 21st October, 5-7pm

Hayley Bennett will be delivering a fourth Anti-Oppression session on Thursday 21st October to look more closely at systemic racism and oppression and in particular how this relates to events surrounding MOZF (30/07).

Our hope is that this training will allow us to move forward as a whole club and ensure that every member understands and is committed to upholding and furthering our club values around inclusion and equality.

Again we’d like to encourage as many members as are able to, to attend this event.


As a few newer diggers have asked we thought we’d share: although we don’t have shorts with the new kit, lot’s of us would recommend the old kit shorts (especially for those preferring a shorter short). You can get them from here if you need:


Shakespeare’s Mad Women

Raff's goal-friend in a play which will be going up at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre 19th-23rd of October. A few goals are already going to the Thursday 21st show if anyone else would like to join on that night. Info below:

‘Juliet is about to kill herself. All Lady Macbeth and Ophelia can do is watch and wait for her to arrive. The three women reside alone in a forgotten wasteland which abides by no rhyme or reason; their only knowledge that they all got there by the same route. Together they play cards, drink moonshine and piece together the remnants of their pasts to find out: exactly why have they been out there? Is there way out? And why was Hamlet so obsessed with himself that he failed to notice anyone else was any more than one dimensional? Catch Lady Garden’s wry black comedy for the final time as we explore what happens when three of Shakespeare’s most famous female characters find themselves together, dead, and furious.’

Shakespeare’s Mad Women The Lion & Unicorn Theatre 19th-23rd October

7.30pm start


Thanks to Coach Liv for coaching the 11 aside squad last minute this week! POTM was Moni!

Huge congrats to Emily on an amazing debut! Whatta keeper!! Shout out to Lauren Fitz for stunning play and the world's best goal - so silky. And shout out to everyone for looking so fab in their kits - Anastasia the design is incredible, we love you.


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