As the year draws to a close it’s time to thank the wonderful Goal Diggers committee, without whom GDFC would not exist. Please read this document, as it’s so important that we, a team run by the members, for the members - appreciate what goes on behind the scenes. Every committee member volunteers hours of unpaid time each week to ensure GDFC not only exists but keeps on improving as the years tick on by. Let’s thank them.

Meet the committee:

  1. Club Secretary: Millie Paterson (She/Her)

  2. Membership Secretary: Gaia Laidler (She/Her)

  3. Mat Ches Squad Manager: Ciara Robinson (She/Her)

  4. Mat Ches Experienced Rep: Leah Kahn (She/Her)*

  5. Mat Ches Academy: Martha Godfrey (She/Her)

  6. Treasurer: Alex Rawn (She/Her)

  7. Treasurer: Yessica Ortiz Mejia (She/Her)

  8. Inclusion and Diversity Officer: Chloe Morgan (She/Her)

  9. Inclusion and Diversity Officer: Katy Covell (She/Her)