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GDFC News 23 March

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Football may be cancelled, but GDFC is not. While we may not be able to get together on the pitch, our community is still here for all our goals!


We may not be able to play football right now but we can still engage in the beautiful game.

This week's Quaran-Team challenge is for everyone to get creative and paint, draw or sculpt ANYTHING to do with our "Pitch Please" hunt. From posters to collages to paintings to poems - let's go goals.

The winner will get a prize and we will document all the entries on our Instagram. For more info about the pitch hunt please read Founder Fleur's article.

Please send all entries to by 12PM on Sunday.


We miss you all! So this Wednesday night from 8-9pm we are organising a group zoom video chat for all who are keen. More details to come. Sending love and solidarity to all.


We understand this is a weird time with a lot of unknowns, and that football can be a huge source of comfort for us - both mentally and physically. We therefore want to stress that we are a community and in times like these we can draw on the amazing network we’ve built together.

The committee are working hard to come up with a plan to make sure we don’t have to be completely cut off from football, and to ensure the GDFC community is still up and running - even if only online - for those that need it.

If you have any ideas for our online community - we are thinking home workouts, kick up competitions, GDFC quiz’s, screening parties, football themed book clubs etc - please email


Hello Goals!

In a real turn up for the books, I’ve been asked to write something quick for the news letter. A healthcare corner if you will. For those that have played football with me, don’t worry- I am significantly better at medicine than I am keepie-uppies (current record is four.) I hope what I have written is helpful for some of you, or at the very least helps you pass the time. Medical types love a list so get a load of this:

  1. Washing your hands a lot is absolutely rubbish but absolutely worth it. Wash them before leaving the house, when you get home (do it before you do anything else) as well as all the usual times. Wanna do a bang up job of cleaning those lil guys then take a look at this informative, but frankly appallingly produced, YouTube video.

  2. Social distancing and self quarantine are horrible but they really do work. It’s the single biggest thing we have against the virus right now, and it’s something we can all do. One person with COVID (and they could be asymptomatic) going about their usual business could result in 240 new infections. If that person cut down their interactions by 50% that number would drop to 15 people. If they cut down by 75% then that number would be 2.5. Maths innit. The government guidance on social distancing and self isolation is here. This BBC article is also quite helpful.

  3. If you want to go out (understandable) during the time of social distancing then doing something in the open air like a cycle or a walk is best. Try to keep your groups to 3-4 at most and stay a couple of meters away from one another. Please don’t get on public transport. I’m not pretending this is a lit day out but it will help keep others (and you) safe. 

  4. Being physically healthy is all well and good, but being mentally healthy is just as important. Anyone would find this hard, so don’t be afraid to speak to people honestly about how you’re getting on. A lush person by the name of Josie George has written a marvellous guide to isolation. She has chronic illness that means she spends much of her life at home, so she uses her lived experience to help the rest of us through. It’s practical and emotional and I’m recommending it to everyone. Read it here.

Look after yourselves folx and stay safe. Big love to the Goaldiggers family, and may I be first to say-with you if you need. 

Big love,

Dr. Hannah May


“I remember seeing boys playing football in the park and at university and on pitches and just thinking that’s not an option for me, because I’m a girl.”

-Fleur Cousens

See what else Founder Fleur said in an interview for The Female Spectrum's series Squad Goals here.


If you have anything you would like to feature in next week's newsletter, email by 12:00 Sunday.

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