Who can join GDFC?

GDFC is open to all women and non-binary people of all ages from all backgrounds with a range of experience and ability. You may have never played any sport before or have been playing since you can walk, all are welcome to join!

How do I become a GDFC member?

You can buy membership on the website by following this link.

Is training right for me? What does it involve?

Training is open to all players of all abilities/experience. The coaches customise each session according to who’s attending and often the sessions are split to cater to the full breadth of abilities. Training is a key opportunity for newer players to learn skills, play games and get to grips with football and for more experienced players to improve their skills, footwork and game play. 

Training usually begins with stretching and a quick warm-up lead by the coaches. Then the attending players will be split to work half the session with Coach Josh, Coach Ciara or Coach Kitty. Each session always ends with games.

When is training?

Training takes place every week on Wednesday from 19:30-21:30 at Holloway School (28 Carleton Rd, London N7 0EQ).

How do I sign up for training each week?

On Monday at 7:30 Mat Ches will post on the GDFC facebook page about training. If you would like to attend training that week you need to like the post, the deadline is at midday Wednesday. If you are then unable to attend, please comment on the training post to let Mat Ches know so they can adjust numbers. The coaches customise training every week according to attendance figures so giving as much notice as possible is key.

Do I need to pay for training?

If you have paid the 6-month membership fee your training is included. If you do not pay for membership, your first session is free to give it a go. If you’d like to pay weekly the Pay-to-Play fee is £6 a session which can be transferred to the GDFC bank account or you can use the card reader at practice.

What matches are available?

As part of the GDFC membership fees, players are able to take part in a 8-aside friendlies with Stoke Newington, held every other Wednesday. There are also fairly regular friendlies and ad-hoc tournaments for a range of abilities that will be advertised on the Facebook page.  

Other leagues are accessed by paying a further league fee, these include a weekly Monday Super5s, Tuesday 7-aside, Wednesday Beginner’s League, Sunday 5-aside, and a bi-monthly Saturday 11-aside. For more information, join the Goal Digger's Facebook page. 

How do I play a match?

Once you have joined one of the league groups, or if you’d like to play a game open to all members you will need to look out for the timings when Mat Ches will post on the Facebook page. In GDFC we do not select teams, it is first come first serve! So, when Mat Ches posts on Facebook they will specify the number of open spaces for the match. If you would like to play you will be asked to comment on the post. Once the spots are filled often Mat Ches will also establish a waitlist for the match. It is important to be prompt as often the matches are filled quickly!  

Are the matches suitable for me?

All players are encouraged to play matches as they are the best way to learn! We play in a number of different leagues against teams with varying levels of experience/ability and we usually put up a mixed-ability team to play. We are looking to organise more beginners matches and tournaments and Mat Ches will clearly note these on facebook for newer players. If you are unsure feel free to speak to someone from the Committee or one of the coaches who will be able to give more insight into the different matches and leagues.

What should I wear for matches?

The GDFC kit is black with some white and gold. If you are playing matches for GDFC regularly you will be provided with one of our black adidas GDFC kit shirts which you should ideally try and wear with black bottoms (shorts/leggings etc) and black socks. If you do not yet have the GDFC shirt etc. just come in dark coloured sports-wear. Ahead of a game you can message Mat Ches to let them know you don’t have a shirt. You should also wear shinpads. The playing surface will usually be specified in the facebook post – if playing on grass players are recommended to wear moulds/studded football boots and on astro players can wear astro boots. If you don’t have these then trainers are also fine!

When are the socials?

GDFC aims to hold monthly socials that are open to all members.

What are socials like?

The socials vary between a casual meet-ups at a pub/park for a chilled catch-up or to watch football, to quiz nights, comedy and theatre shows, to club nights. Some socials are just for GDFC members and some are for a wider audience – friends, family, SOs, neighbours, acquaintances etc. The socials are always very relaxed, friendly, welcoming and accepting and we encourage everyone to come along. Many of our socials take place at the Old Red Lion Theatre Pub who are our kit sponsors. There are also usually post-training drinks at a pub near the training pitches which are open to all.

How do I attend a social?

Usually a facebook event will be made for each social where you will find further details. You can see our upcoming events on our events page, and a 6-month social calendar is also uploaded on the facebook page.

How do I buy merchandise?

Merchandise can be browsed through and bought on our online shop or at training sessions. For more information please email goaldiggersfootballclub@gmail.com. 

Can I donate to the club?

All donations are greatly appreciated and allow for the continuity of the club in the long-term. You can donate by following this link.

How is GDFC managed?

GDFC is run by a committee of volunteers who help keep the club running. All committee members are contactable through the club email: goaldiggersfootballclub@gmail.com.

Who do I message for more information?

All questions can be sent to the GDFC email goaldiggersfootballclub@gmail.com.

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