We have five fantastic FA Level 1 Coaches who run training sessions and manage our team squads. Have a question for them? Contact them at:


Our club is run by our fabulous committee. Our committee is completely voluntary – they pay for everything: membership, leagues, merch, tour etc. Without them there would be no GDFC. Have a question for them? Contact them at:

Fleur Cousens

My main role as Founder is managing and overseeing our wonderful GDFC committee and making sure GDFC remains true to its (grass)roots!
Ciara Monahan

As a GDFC coach, I support our member’s development as players by teaching new skills and tactics at training sessions. I also love watching players improve throughout the match season.
Josh Pugh

My role is to work with GDFC members to support their development as footballers, by planning, delivering and evaluating training sessions, along with organising match day squads for 7 and 11 a side.
Kitty Burne

As one of the GDFC coaches, I take training sessions as often as possible, as well as running matches and outreach programmes – like GDFC 40+.
Amy Lester

My role is to turn Diggers into Lionesses one training session at a time, to create and inclusive and positive environment in grassroots football for women and non-binary players and be a source of information and advice for anyone who needs it.
Chloe Morgan
Esther Jones Russell

I have been part of committee since 2016 as Fundraiser and
Outreach Officer, but became Club Secretary in October 2019. I am the first point of contact for all things GDFC. I manage the GDFC committee, our meetings and elections, and help coordinate everyone so the club can run smoothly and efficiently. I also do some fun GDFC admin, such as sorting out insurance and FA affiliation.
Leah Svalastoga Kahn

I am the first point of contact for all fixtures and organise the logistics of GDFC fixtures – ie booking pitches, refs, liaising with the opposition and leagues. I also work with our Treasurers, the Mat Ches team and Gaia our kit secretary to make sure all our matches run smoothly.
Hannah Wright

I am responsible for the financial planning of the club to aid long-term sustainability and growth. I work closely with the treasurers, oversee large club expenditures and build wider partnerships to aid development. If you have any ideas about growth or potential sponsors, hit me up. You can help me, and the treasurers, out by splitting your bank transactions and clearly referencing them.
Polly Simpson

As 1/3 of Mat Ches, I’m in charge of all match posts –making sure they have the right details and they go up on time (most of the time...). I also manage the behemoth that is the training post waitlist – trying to get as many Goals as possible playing midweek footie. Help me out by letting us know ASAP if you can’t come to training, and tag the next person on the waitlist to make Wednesdays much dreamier.
Ciara Robinson

I help to manage the numerous squads that play each week. This mostly requires tagging people, organising game logistics, liaising with coaches/managers and making sure everyone gets to the right place on time. Drop outs happen. That’s all good! However, try to give as much notice as possible and if you do drop out, please find a replacement.
Emma Magnus

I am responsible for planning and delivering outreach sessions which target players aged outside of our core
demographic. This year, with funding secured from Sport Islington, we launched 4 free 40+ sessions for players who would consider their age a barrier to playing football for the first time. In June, we won Sport Islington’s ‘Sports Club of the Year’ award as a result.
Anastasia Kuchta

If you are chatting withh Goal on Facebook, you are probably talking to Ana. Ana is responsible for the day to day running of the GDFC Facebook. She also does any and all graphic design work for the club and MOZF. This includes logos and the GDFC website. She also helps the other Marketing Goal Jess with the GDFC Instagram, Twitter and putting on MOZF.
Jess Keating

My main responsibilities are to manage the GDFC and MOZF Instagram social media accounts and to organise and run Murder on Zidane’s Floor, our fabulous quarterly club night. Get in touch with any content ideas and feel free to spam me with GDFC pictures and videos!
Isy Wilson

I, along with Beth, organise socials to ensure all Diggers can bond off the pitch too. I also work to make GDFC as friendly and welcoming as possible. If you are new, come say hello and have a chat! If you’re a regular, please help me out by being friendly and welcoming to everyone!
Beth Miles

My goal is to make GDFC as fun off the pitch as on by organising social events to bring Diggers together outside of matches. Let me know if you have any social ideas!
Gaia Laidler

As Kit Secretary I have 3 main responsibilities; create and sell GDFC merch, work with Nike to grow GDFC and the grassroots game, and (what you will know me for) make sure every Digger playing a match has kit. Come to me for any kit questions – ie what shoes are best for each league, forgotten shin pads. If you know you’ll be playing in a match and don’t have kit, send me a message in advance so that we can find the most efficient way to get it to you!
Hilary Aked

My role is to work with the committee and a wider team of
people to deepen and extend an inclusive and respectful culture at GDFC and in particular to try and ensure the club is a welcoming and accessible space to people from more marginalised groups, including trans women and non-binary people, people of colour and people from working class backgrounds. We are all collectively responsible for creating an inclusive culture. Get in touch if you have any concerns, want to get involve
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Acknowledging the time the committee gives to this club is extremely important. Without them there would be no Goal Diggers FC. Feel like saying thanks? Why not donate to the committee? Any donation will go into a committee kitty which will be spent on a committee meal/ committee gifts at the end of each year. 

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